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  • What's the best size for a group of travellers?
    We suggest 7-10 but can take up to 12.
  • Can I do a co-ed group?
    Absolutely! You make the group, we facilitate the travel.
  • How long are your trips?
    We offer 15 and 18 day itineraries.
  • Do you travel anywhere other than Europe?
    We have in the past but specialize in European adventures.
  • What age groups do you take?
    These guided trips are designed for graduating high school seniors, but we offer college-level trips sans chaperones.
  • Are flights included in the cost?
    No, flights are the responsibility of each individual family.
  • What are the dates of your trips?
    The dates and itinerary are up to you, we suggest late May/early June
  • Can I customize my own itinerary?

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